Should I or Shouldn't I?

I need some expert advice. I’ll try to keep this simple. I went flea market shopping today and found this dolly for $5. I’ve been wanting to get just a head to reborn for a cuddle doll for a great niece. Well…I got it home, took off the wig and discovered on the neck Klowns by Kate 1991 and behind the ear #220/5000. Now I’m wondering if I should take this thing apart or not? I only wanted the head in hopes I could strip it and repainted it. I even wondered if I could maybe change out the eyes. What do y’all think I should do?


Here’s a link I found.

Did a quick ebay check and her dolls are selling anywhere from $20-$100+ so I’d do a little more research before taking her apart. :slight_smile: I think the artist is Kay McKee.


Thanks Izzy…I don’t know why I didn’t think to look it up before I even bought her. I just saw a tag that said $5 :smiley:

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Hope you can figure out who she is, she’s super cute. :slight_smile:

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I found a few of her dolls, including this one. I think this is the Katie doll. I think I would find the value on this one before I stripped it.


Is she vinyl? Kinda similar to this doll.

Research for sure! If numbered she’ll be worth something someday if not today!


Turns out she is Katie by Kay McKee. I think I’ll leave her as is. She’s hard vinyl.


Please research your find some more and fill us in on what you find out. How interesting.

I have acquired a couple “Dolls by Rustie” … Beautiful southern bell ladies … That I want to find out more about.

There are some on eBay and I tried emailing the artist from her website but haven’t had any luck finding out any more about them.

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I will. I think I might go back tomorrow and look some more!!! This booth was slammed packed full of all kinds of dolls!


Good luck on more interesting finds…how exciting…!!..:slight_smile: