Should I keep going with this?

Started Megan’s rooting and it looks…idk. I thought I would do curls, but they just look wrong. I don’t know if it is the color is wrong or the texture is just too much for this tiny sculpt. Halp.


I would keep going

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Bring the hair line a lot more forward and it will make a difference.


That seems to be a recurring issue for me :unamused:

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I have that problem too…I now try to measure with my thumb and first finger, my thumb on the chin and my finger on the nose and then I hold that position and put my thumb on the nose and start around in the area where my finger reaches…hope that makes sense? I took pictures with one of my test heads…I am better at showing than explaining :wink:
like this

and then this


This is super helpful

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Keep going :heart_eyes:. She’s looking amazing!!!

I love the Megan kit. She was my very first and when I started rooting, I just couldn’t give her short, sparse baby hair, even though her small size kind of demanded it. You should definitely keep going!


Keep going…please update!!


The little curls are so cute. I would keep going.

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