Should I give him hair

Hi all, I am undecided on whether or not to give this guy real hair what do you think

he look’s cute just like he is, but I’m not a fan of painted on hair so I say Hair

Awww! He is a cutie! I think he looks great as he is now.

He is a cutie Andie,

I think maybe sparse hair too…

— Begin quote from “Christineskeepsakebabies”

I favor rooted hair over painted hair. But if I see really nicely painted hair I think it should show up, and not be covered too much by the rooted hair

If he were mine, I’d root all over,but so very very sparse that it would be too hard to tell he had rooted hair. Just so when you run your fingers over it,it feels soft

OR leave him as is

— End quote

I agree, His hair is painted very nice though.

   Hugs Tina