Should i be worrie

Good Luck!
But boy those scare me, I have had 2 non-paying bidders that way.

OMG you are down to minutes…VERY BEST OF LUCK!
And btw very pretty baby, well done.

Watching your auction down to the minute…lol…so excited for you looks like your first mommy may be the one to adopt.

Have you done and international yet???
argggggggggggggg! Most of mine go international, and I am in so much fear till they arrive…lol

lol thank you…it is my youngest grandson!

They do grow way to fast! Dakotah will now be 3 in May…how time flys.
I’m so excited for you…less then 1 minute!

WTG WTG WTG…Congrats on your adoption…Mommy number 1 wins! I am so excited for you…it is just if I had sold one…lol

No problem…I think I was as excited as you where…lol

You didn’t keep me up…I am on the same time zone as you, I live in Oregon and these are my hours.

lol…get him to sleep…but once again CONGRATS!

I have one now on its wasy to Spain that I am still sweating and drives me CRAZY even though I know all is good and her new mommy will love her. I will worry till I know she is there safe…

I have sold to Italy, Canada, Indonisia, Spain…and I know there are others …lol…but can’t remember right off hand, Oh yeay Turkey…hehehe…and I do sweat everyone.