Shoes on


Thank you for sharing this with us, it is very kind of you AND your workmanship is beautiful!! The little outfits are absolutely Precious!!


Thank you!


Thank you, I will makes these. They are adorable. It is so hard t find little shoes for the dolls feet. This is a big help.


first cut the templates (4) usually for a newborn baby would measure 3.5 “, you can also make the template to the extent of each single add .2” to the initial measurement

this pattern should only be adapted


What talent you have! @Iselis Beautiful clothing and shoes. Thank you for sharing!!


Thanks for your shoe pattern I had a go at it today here;s my little one wearing them , not as good as yours but I kind of got off pattern while making them lol.

Here is my first pair they came out a little too big rather than toss them in the trash I might see if I can shrink them lol .