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Has anyone bought shoes on this site? I’m looking at 0-6 months, that’s the smallest i can find. I would think these are too big for “newborn size” reborns but would like to check if anyone has tried them out.


They’re sizing is way off. The 0-6 shoes fit a 12 month old. A friend of mine got some for a baby and he was way on up there in age before they even fit.


They are huge for a newborn baby, I work sandals for babies can explain how to make this type of sandals if you want :slight_smile:FB_IMG_1519685275031


They are adorable. I am sure there are quite a few ladies that would like to know how to make these!


I have bought some from babymall and the smallest ones fit BB Rowan. I like the bigger babies so it is worth it for me when they go on sale for .99 to 1.99.


Their shoes and clothes are bigger in size than what they say.


Yes that would be great, those are adorable.


tomorrow I sent the explanation and some pictures of processes :wink:


Beautifully made shoes, it would be very nice of you to share the process with us.


They’re beautiful. Do you sell them?


Yes, I make clothes for babies. In Puerto Rico it is customary to use this type of shoes and clothes for the first exit of the baby (from the hospital to the house).



Here are the photos later explained the process.

  • List item



material’s list

ribbons 1/8 - 1/4 - 7/8
Cardboard (can be foami)

  • Now I use a felt that is hard instead of cardboard


I love the baby boy outfit. Thank you for sharing how to make these little shoes. They’re just beautiful. The clothes, too.


They are beautiful -thank you for sharing this!


@Iselis Wow! What awesome outfits to go home in, so beautiful!
Thank you so much for the shoe pattern. I am going to try to make them in a couple of weeks. When I do I will try to remember to come back here to show you!


@Iselis It was very kind of you to share those photos and process. Thank you. You do beautiful work.


They are easy to do if you have any questions you can write me


@Iselis OK thank you I will!