Shocking BB kit reborn rip off sold on Etsy


I want to see!


Makes me feel like a real artist.


Okaaay… You talked me into it. Lol. I will share on WIP :wink:


I want to see as I planned to start painting hair on my first reborn…


Just posted on WIP @YelenaRey I am NO pro @ it, but I think this link should take you to it.


Thank you!


No problem :blush:


I like it, especially the side and back. Look very newborn-ish. Also as I struggle with newborn lip color I’ve been asking everyone here, so what lip color did you use? Thanks.


Thanks @YelenaRey that’s what I was going for :slightly_smiling_face: as for my lips, I mostly use red with a touch of black… but as I go I might add a little bit of my creasing color or blushing color etc. I do very diluted layers and just look as I go and add whatever color I thank it needs.


Thank you. Funny thing that several artists here recommended me red with black, but whatever I managed to stain my Ella’s lips, everything after that looked unnatural. I gave up and varnished her already, but I think I’ll still try to neutralize them. After all, this is what the first reborn is for - learn, experiment, make mistakes and learn from them. At least my lil Ella is so patient with me and let me torcher her with several sets of eyebrows :joy:


That’s right, you will learn as you go. Just stick with it and you will get better with each baby.


@hyelah1990 I like your painted hair very much, was it all prisma pencil or paint?


Thanks @Simone :slightly_smiling_face: I used a prisma pencil a little lighter than my skin tone to map it out. Other than that it’s all paint.


Red with a touch of black.


Thank you! Will use that on my second baby.


Your baby look.stunning keep going girl. i bought my first reborn kits sitting on an island seychelles. i will start with the.same skin colour as.the.clients here are.criole. what air dry paint did you used on him.

Etsy Sellers Using Prototype Photos to Sell Custom Dolls

And now this lady’s Etsy and Facebook pages are gone! I sure hope those people got refunds!:confused:


I do, too, but I have a feeling they didn’t…


I use red that i’ve mixed myself with a bit of blue, sometimes I’ll add a brush tip of burnt umber but later put a tiny very very thin layer of purple or blue and it gives them that nice natural colour. Flesh will tone them down but be careful not to let it pool between the lips, I wipe my brush many times on kitchen towel before I apply to ensure I don’t put too much or pool.


this artist scammed me also i paid 325 for a custom 3 month joseph back in october and it was great communication with her until january 24th then she compleatly deleted not only her etsy store but her entire etsy account and also she is no longer answering any of my emails the last contact i had with her was on febuary 1 and she told me she was sick and would continue painting but she never answerd my question about when i would be getting my doll also i came to find out that she stole the work of someone elce and used that as my wip picture i have now oppened a clame agenst her and i hope to be getting my money back