Shocking BB kit reborn rip off sold on Etsy


Lololll :kiss:


Might even be brave enough to share my WIP on painted hair now… :smirk:


I want to see!


Makes me feel like a real artist.


Okaaay… You talked me into it. Lol. I will share on WIP :wink:


I want to see as I planned to start painting hair on my first reborn…


Just posted on WIP @YelenaRey I am NO pro @ it, but I think this link should take you to it.


Thank you!


No problem :blush:


I like it, especially the side and back. Look very newborn-ish. Also as I struggle with newborn lip color I’ve been asking everyone here, so what lip color did you use? Thanks.


Thanks @YelenaRey that’s what I was going for :slightly_smiling_face: as for my lips, I mostly use red with a touch of black… but as I go I might add a little bit of my creasing color or blushing color etc. I do very diluted layers and just look as I go and add whatever color I thank it needs.


Thank you. Funny thing that several artists here recommended me red with black, but whatever I managed to stain my Ella’s lips, everything after that looked unnatural. I gave up and varnished her already, but I think I’ll still try to neutralize them. After all, this is what the first reborn is for - learn, experiment, make mistakes and learn from them. At least my lil Ella is so patient with me and let me torcher her with several sets of eyebrows :joy:


That’s right, you will learn as you go. Just stick with it and you will get better with each baby.


@hyelah1990 I like your painted hair very much, was it all prisma pencil or paint?


Thanks @Simone :slightly_smiling_face: I used a prisma pencil a little lighter than my skin tone to map it out. Other than that it’s all paint.


Red with a touch of black.


Thank you! Will use that on my second baby.


Your baby look.stunning keep going girl. i bought my first reborn kits sitting on an island seychelles. i will start with the.same skin colour as.the.clients here are.criole. what air dry paint did you used on him.

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