Shocking BB kit reborn rip off sold on Etsy


Thinking this doesn’t really qualify for “highly realistic” painted hair. And it looks nothing like the hair on the dolls purported received by the buyer.


Actually, that was exactly my thought: with so many beautiful, well painted reborns available under $300 why the buyer choose those?
As been totally ignorant reborn buyer a few months ago and had no knowledge of the prototypes, my first question to J. Lesser was “Am I getting exact the same doll as it pictured”. That was just a common sense to me.

Just a comment, may be off the topic a little bit: like somebody said already - the beauty in the eyes of the beholder. I often wondering why buyers are choosing one or another baby that obviosly look not very well painted vs. others dolls that I would choose. Obviously we see them differently.


It looks quite a bit thinner than the other photos I wonder is that just started or finished ? I don’t paint my hair so not sure .


Personally, I wouldn’t feel right using prototype photos in an ad and then delivering what is pictured in the first post.

Since she also added the tiny photos of her own work; technically it may be legal, but it isn’t something I would do.

Just saying…I also think that we, as reborn artists, should hold ourselves to a higher standard of behavior than to mislead people, even if one could “get away with it.”

It’s shady and makes a person look dishonest.


I don’t think it’s a scam. The artist could possibly think this is her best work. More questions should have been asked and more research done.


There’s now a review on her Etsy page.


I feel so terrible for the buyer :frowning: That must have been horrible when she opened the box,


Yes! So, why would someone buy from her? It’s very nerve racking when buyers do this and then get upset when the doll isn’t a great quality.:roll_eyes:.
I’m only going by what is posted here. I can only hope the buyer did their part in reading, researching, and communication with the seller and was disappointed that the doll didn’t match anything that was discussed in their messages.


She should be able to get her money back because it was never received. I wonder if she received pics of the doll?


There is no way I would have bought a doll from her if I saw those pics. I noticed that nobody bothered to tell her she sucked or has left her a “no” for recommendation. So, she will likely continue to paint in hopes that another buyer won’t bother to read or ask questions.:disappointed:


This is why I encourage my buyers to leave feedback. Even the one negative. Because it’s important to me that future customers know about me and my work

I personally won’t buy from someone with no reviews.


When I was a new reborner I read an article about how to spot a “low quality” reborn or one made by someone who may be trying to hide their “workmanship.” A big sign that things are “off” is a baby with all hat photos and pictures taken far back and without closeups or good lighting. Any lack of showing details by a seller can be a potential red flag.


The little photos of her work, the quality of those photos, the pacifiers, no brows & hair, the use of proto photos, the no reviews and etc. should and would have all been a red flag. :woman_shrugging:


Yep! Red flags all over the place!


I agree there are lots of red flags with the ad on Etsy. However, the seller did post photos of her own work along with the prototype and bare kit photos. Not her fault if the buyer doesn’t ask more questions before buying or check out all the photos. I can’t imagine spending that sort of money without first seeing a photo of the actual finished product. Why would anyone do that? She paid a huge amount for that reborn and there are lots of babies online for that amount that are gorgeous and that are true representations of the artist’s own work. Something about this just doesn’t smell right to me.
Also we really have no idea if the doll came to the buyer with the sharpie hair and brows or not. The rest of the painting isn’t great, but it’s the hair and brows that are really terrible.
Without a video of the taped shipping box being opened and the doll taken out for the first time there is no proof it came with the sharpie adornments. Wouldn’t be the first time a buyer was mad at herself for falling for a poorly done reborn and, instead of admitting she didn’t investigate enough before making the purchase, decided to try to make the seller look bad instead. I’d hate it if the seller was being ripped all over the place and didn’t send the reborn in this condition. I don’t know that this is what happened and I’d sure hope not, but it’s just something else to think about!


This is a good point. I once shipped a reborn to China. It didn’t arrive when the buyer wanted it to. So she ripped the hair out and said it came like that. My life was a nightmare for months because people believed her and attacked me. I had to get a lawyer to send a letter to her to make her stop


Prior to reborning 9 years ago, I had never been scammed or read about so many scams in my life.:open_mouth:
Claiming rocks, carpet remnants, playdolls, etc., were sent. One was an $8000 scam that was recently uncovered. It is amazing what people will do. I’m not saying this person did that, but I’ve read of some crazy stuff.
The pic that artist put on FB shows that her hair painting is far from great. I think since October she learned to darken it to the point we see on the dolls shown. This is another reason why I think this is a case of a “bad” artist and not someone that intentionally wanted to scam. Why spend money and time painting a kit?
Now, the fact she didn’t send one out as promised is a whole other matter. She could have gotten over her head and tried to do too many in a set timeframe. She could also have a mental disability. She could have spent the money on presents and didn’t have it left for the supplies. Wouldn’t be the first time we have read about that, even on this forum.:wink:
It’s good that she is receiving a negative review. Hopefully, her account with Etsy and PayPal will freeze and she will leave the reborn world.


Here’s another heavy-handed attempt at painted hair.


Oh gosh…and I worried that I have trouble with my painted hair…


OR sent someone else to mail it, AND it just didn’t happen for whatever reason.
We will probably never know. Just sayin’ :grin:
I have personally put all my dolls in the mail, that way I know it’s done, and how I want it done.