Shocking BB kit reborn rip off sold on Etsy


Lol. Laziness and ignorance doesn’t make the seller a scammer. Buyers that don’t fully read things will likely be disappointed many times in their lives.


I got a speeding ticket MANY years ago. I claimed that I didn’t know the speed limit. Doesn’t mean the sign wasn’t there for me to read. :joy: Ignorance can be costly.:laughing::disappointed:


In the sellers defense, she does show her own work and states the prototype photos aren’t hers. BUT none of her examples show magic marker hair and eyebrows.
The buyer should have requested examples of her painted hair. It’s well known that painted hair comes in many different qualities. Some look like :poop:. Others look like an :angel: came down and kissed the baby right on the head. Also, they should ask for pictures without the pacifier. All of hers except one photo have binkies covering the babies’ mouth. Also…she should have sent pictures of the actual baby before mailing it.
And my biggest question is why are there zero reviews when she has made 25 sales?! :grimacing:


In the past I have bought a few reborns on Ebay. In the seller’s ad, I always looked for something to the effect “the baby pictured is the baby you will receive”. I was never disappointed. To me, this seller in question is somewhat deceptive especially if the doll the buyer received is actually from the seller. Nothing on her page shows such bad workmanship.


I would leave a review now. She can always change it if a refund is given. Also since the shop doesn’t have a return policy she might be able to request to return the item.


Exactly. There isn’t enough evidence to conclude that this artist scammed this buyer. We haven’t seen messages between the buyer and the seller to know what type of communication took place or what questions were asked.
She may not be marketing the way some of us do, but there isn’t a law against using prototype pics to sell a custom. Since customs aren’t covered through Paypal, new collectors need to be discouraged from having them done. They should wait until they are familiar with artists’ works and reputations before spending that kind of money.
There are lots of scammers out there that are well versed in Paypal policy. They have READ it well and use it to their advantage. The policy can be found on their website. Everyone should read it.
Not sure where some have stated that she paints in a day. It says that customs are taking 3-4 weeks to complete.


This is on the site :

I’m Ashleigh and everything in my shop is only made by me. I’ve been artistic ever since I can remember. I’ve always had a passion for the things artsy. I started doing reborn dolls about 3 or so years ago and have loved learning more and more. They are highly realistic dolls that are hand painted. Completing one doll takes well over a day to make. Besides creating art I’m always playing and loving on my new baby boy and love being a new mommy. Having my own business has allowed me to provide and stay home with my son and I couldn’t be happier to always be with him :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


We have all heard of buyers that think a custom should be completed as soon as they purchase it. Perhaps she is stating that to help keep those people from becoming nightmares and messaging her daily to see why it isn’t completed…and for those that didn’t read her description that her customs take 3-4 weeks to complete.


After comparing her ‘own work’ and the two dolls in question, (disregarding the hair and brows,) they really could be her work, as the application of colour is similar and not unlike what was being offered, if you ignore the prototype pictures.
Regarding the hair and brows, who knows, as she does not show her own work in this area, and it seems that the painted hair is the contentious issue here.
Did the buyer ask for bald babies only, because the artist only “paints highly realistic hair”
And if that is the case, who did the hair ?


I wouldn’t want one if she paid ME to take it. I’m not seeing any pictures of her work-only prototypes.


They are posted about 3 pics into each row of pics on every listing I have viewed.


Almost daily, I have seen reborns look like this that have been posted by their mommies that love them to death. It definitely falls under the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


I’ve also seen many posted by artists asking for criticism and receive nothing but encouraging feedback from other artists.


Wait. This sold for 600$ and I can’t even move my work for 250$ sigh.


The reason why I am so straight forward and mad about this is - there are hard working people out there who work their butts off and do anything to satisfiy their customers and get much less profit than this person.

It’s a mad world out there. This person thinks she can stomp her markers all over vinyl kits and call herself “reborn artist” and make with no effort and no morals money off people who pay their hard earned money just to receive their violated kits. No. I have no understanding for this.

To think that some AMAZING artists here on BB have trouble selling their gorgeous reborns for 300 dollars while this person is protected by you is beyond frustrating.

Nothing against you, but I am just furious. Not at you but at how some people just can get away with this.


The only way these people stay in business is if people keep buying from them. Those dolls are not my style so I wouldn’t have bought one based on the pics the seller posted in her ad. So, do we seek out “ugly” ones and tell their mommies that they wasted their money and their doll is crap or be truthful to the artists and tell them to find a new hobby because it looks like crap?


I think the point is that no, I can’t imagine anyone intentionally purchasing this - but the artist didn’t do anything illegal, and they did show photos of their work. Just like you can’t claim innocent against a speeding ticket due to not knowing the limit, you can’t claim scam to a terrible reborn due to not asking for pictures of the artist’s work and the baby you’re buying.


I’ve seen a lot of cases on tv that deal with unhappy customers. Unless fraud can be established, then the service was rendered and payment is due. If you don’t like the service or product, then don’t buy it again.


They’re certainly not really good quality but the pictures of her own work don’t look nearly as bad as these two.


She uses the same photos of her work in every listing. With hats. And pacifiers. No close ups of nails. Hair. Nothing