Shocking BB kit reborn rip off sold on Etsy


Good points, @cajuncuties. I guess it’s not really fair to assume that the buyer is being 100% honest. Sometimes they aren’t.


the veining on her pics on her shop look horrendous and there were more pics showing the veining and that was done the same way, her pics on her shop don’t show hair and on my screen the colouring was similar.


I don’t see veining in the pics posted here. If it’s the same artist, why would the brows be so different?


I didn’t grab all the pics, just a few but there is veining and it looks the same. I notice none of hers have eyebrows or hair, maybe she asked for that. I also note that the same reborn taken in different photos has very different colouring cos we all know what we can do with photos. One just looks very different eyelashes done differently. I guess time will tell as there are no reviews yet.


So, if the painting is established to be the same as the pics that the seller has in her ad, then the buyer is getting the item as described. The artist may not be the best, but she isn’t scamming or being deceptive. Her description is honest in what she is selling.


Well I have sold my lovely reborns for less, goes to show when you put your heart into things it doesn’t matter. I hate the reborn world and ppls attitudes its taken all the good out of what I used to enjoy and no wonder I want to give it up as does others I know who feel the same.


There are so many artists and so many styles of painting available to collectors. I hate that this buyer is unhappy with her dolls, but I’m not seeing where the buyer deserves a refund with the proof that has been presented. It’s really not up to the reborn world to decide, though. If she feels she has a claim, then she should push forward with it.


I didnt even notice that she had pictures of her own work. I was mainly looking for reviews and find it strange that there isn’t any. If she was selling babies that look like the photos above one would think that there would be very bad reviews!

However theres the fact that she states that it takes her ONE day to make a reborn…I can see making a reborn like the ones above in one day.


She’s new, and the person who received this one is waiting to do review until she tries for a refund


I have sold to the buyer. I have no doubt that she is credible. She paid promptly, and keeps in touch with pics of her baby. I feel really badly for her!


I can’t agree with you; I think her listing is very deceptive.

The buyer definitely should get a refund in this case. JMO


I read her listing and I actually don’t think it’s deceptive.

“I have shown what the kit can look like painted in the first photo, what it looks like as a blank kit in the second photo, and a picture of the birth certificate you will receive with the doll. The other pictures are an example of my personal work.”

She doesn’t claim the photos are her work or that she can create similar. Her babies appear that they don’t have brows or hair usually so maybe that’s something I would have asked for photos of.


I feel bad for any unhappy mommy. I’m just not seeing the proof that she was scammed by this artist. I’ve only been given a couple of pics and a link to her Etsy page. I don’t see the resemblance in the artist’s work and the dolls they were posted as received. Apparently, others do. So, what would justify a refund?
There are so many reborns available in the $300 range. What made her choose this artist? If she has bought from you before, then she knows a lot more about the reborn world than what has been posted. If she sends you pics, then she knows to ask for them. I understand the unhappy part. Just not seeing the justification for a refund or the need for all the post about it. I guess she wants the reborn to all side with her that this artist doesn’t do the best work and for others to see what they will receive.:thinking:


The title is meant to imply that this artist is a scammer. I’m not seeing it.


I changed part of my post because its true that its not a scam. Its not all on the seller if those are the dolls she made, the buyer should have known what she was buying, I can’t see spending that much money on two reborns without seeing pictures. I haven’t been doing this long but so far all my customers ask for pictures and if they didnt I would offer them because I would want them to be happy. It all seems really strange!


When posts are made about a buyer wanting a refund, the responses after seeing a “pretty” reborn is that the buyer is delusional or has buyer’s remorse. When an “ugly” one is shown, the consensus is that the buyer deserves a refund.:disappointed:


Anyone who claims to have been reborning for 3 years should know better than to use all those prototype photos.

Just the fact that she used all of them, to me, is shady.

The photos of what she claims is her work only has about 3 different reborns and she also has prototype photos down there, where she claims it is all her work:

ETA: the prototype photos, “what they can look like” have nothing to do with anything. Is she selling what they can look like?
Or is she selling what they actually look like.

Just the way her ad is arranged lends a person to misunderstand what she is offering, IMO.


etsy is full of dishonest sellers using other people’s pictures, just like ebay :frowning: they don’t only use prototype pics, I find my toddler pics there too and report them to etsy when I see them. You have to have eyes in the back of your head in Doll world today. Makes us all look crazy , sadly


You will find that wording on many dealers sites, too. It’s a standard disclaimer because so many buyers don’t fully read the description. Many artists(as buyers) rely on seeing a prototype to decide if the kit is worth buying. Many can’t get a feel of what the painted kit will look like unless it has been painted.
I have made many bad purchases in my lifetime. 99% of the time it was because I didn’t fully read or do adequate research before purchasing. I’ve been scammed a few times before. Scamming comes with the intent of the seller to deceive.


Exactly, many buyers don’t read the description — which is just one excellent reason not to use all these prototype pics in her listing. People see the photos and they think that’s what they are buying.