Shocking BB kit reborn rip off sold on Etsy


I have copied these pics from one of the reborn pages I am on, this is SHOCKING and DISGUSTING These are pics of reborns just received, that were supposed to have been done before christmas but the buyer only saw the prototype pics and I assume didn’t see the sellers actual work, she is devastated she paid $600 US for these. Hoping she gets a refund as she can’t afford to have them fixed up. I feel for her and I am so angry that there are ppl out there selling this type of work for good money and ripping ppl off. Yes she should have checked but a lot of buyers aren’t familiar with the do’s and don’ts and my heart goes out to her.


WOW :open_mouth:. That is wrong on so many levels! Please watch and find out if she gets a refund, then let us know on here. I can’t believe this! It’s beyond insane. :frowning:


I know its heart breaking and the person that did that should be ashamed of themselves and needs to be removed from Etsy. Don’t know the name of the seller yet. Will keep an eye on the post to see the outcome.


apparently the name of the seller is ArtsandAmour and the name is Ashleigh


Wow! I hope she gets her money back.


Wow. I normally wouldn’t put an artist down, but these are definitely bad. They clearly quickly dumped some paint on and shipped it.
I hope she can file a complaint, because it is a good case of ‘item not as described’.


yeah i just looked up that name on Etsy but nothing comes up, wonder if it’s a fly by nighter in for a quick buck apparently it is on there, I just dont know how to use Etsy hehe


Found it she’s under ArtandAmour


These are horrible! I could about cry for whoever got these! This is people that take away from the art!


Wow! Each completed doll takes well over a day to make?!?! Try 2 months! That shows she has no clue. Honestly, it looks like she’s one of those spoiled brats who’s mommy and daddy always put her on a pedestal and told her she was beautiful, smart, talented, and the best thing that ever walked the earth. She appears to really think she’s talented! And she has quite a few sales. Poor little girl is about to get a serious wake up call when 25 customers all at once start filing charges on her. :flushed:


I am also not one to generally put another artist work down. There are quite a few dolls I see out there that I don’t necessarily like but others do. Art is in the eye of the beholder after all.
But this is a complete rip off. I feel so bad for the buyer. They were completely scammed. I hope she gets her money back. The seller should be ashamed.


These dolls look like they were done with magic markers. Her Etsy store doesn’t have one single picture of her own work. Surely if Etsy sees those pictures she’ll get her money back.


I love where she says creating a doll takes well over a day. I mean really?
I wish.


Holy hanna! Not sure Windsor and newton can even tackle that!


I hope she leaves a negative review


Oh my heavens! That is just terrible! $600 for that? I hope she paid with PayPal and files a dispute and gets her money back.She should list that person in the scammer pages on FaceBook.


I can imagine the shock of the person opening the box :scream: :scream: :scream:
Poor buyer!


I know you’d freak out and burst into tears I reckon


It hurts to look at those poor kits. I don’t see how she could think that this looks good. Strangely enough there are NO reviews on her page but the woman who bought these…er…babies, needs at least, leave a review complete with pictures.


Three years of experience? I really don’t wanna know what her first looked like.