Shipped my first baby of the new year today!

“Juliet” ~ had never reborned this kit before, but her mama’s happy, so I’m happy, too :wink:

And here’s a funky shot I took with my new camera…got some learning to do with this one, for sure:


Congratulations! She’s very sweet.

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So is so cute. Everyone is getting so good at painting hair, your’s looks real nice. Did it take a long time and what made you decide to paint rather than root? I wish I could find a good DVD tutorial on hair painting. I have this sculpt and seeing yours makes me want to get started on mine. Good Job, glad her new Mom is happy.


Matters not how much we think of a sculpt, but the end result and that the new mommie is happy. I have had a few babies that I just did not feel happy about reborning; and yet their new mommie was in love with them.

That would be one that I just never would choose to do - but your’s really came out lovely. Congratulations

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She is adorable. Is she from the new sculpt or the old one?

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Congratulations!!! She is darling!

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Congratulations , she’s adorable !!

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She’s the new sculpt ~ seems like I waited FOREVER for her to get back in stock.

I no longer root hair ~ there doesn’t seem to be any out there that doesn’t throw my allergies into fits. I love to paint hair, but yes, it takes me a long time…this little head took about a week. It’s layer upon layer and very slow going. I’m glad you like the result, thank you!

Exactly, Judy! :slight_smile:

I love the face on this kit, but the hands don’t appeal to me at all. You did a great job on her! Congratulations on a new Mommy.

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I don’t care for the hands either and if I ever reborn another one, she will have different hands. Definitely.

Congratulations and I hope you have many more sales this year.

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You’re always so kind, thank you! :smile: