Shipped my Christmas Swap Baby today

One of you ladies should be expecting your little one to arrive at your door in a few days! I had my hubby ship your baby out this morning. He works close to a post office. Sooooo I am happy to say you will have your baby shortly! Im so excited for you! So keep your eyes out! You may open your little one when they arrive or you may wait until christmas! Either way, just let me know, that you got it when they arrive!



I can’t wait to see all the pictures.

Im holding my breath hoping to hear a response lol. I am going to check the tracking in a minute to see if it was delivered or not yet. My guess is that is should be delievered either today or tomorrow.

Whoo hoo! I just checked the tracking and it says its out for delivery so it should be delivered sometime today!

Can’t WAIT to see who the lucky recipient is of your baby, Stephanie! This is so much FUN!!! I wanted to ship my baby today, but I went shopping instead. i need to finish something that I’m working on to go with my baby, and hope to get it done by Friday. I am not going to rush myself, though…I want this baby and everything going with it to be as near perfect as I can get it. I am thinking I will ship it on the 28th, which is next Monday. It’s going to be exciting around here when all the babies start arriving! Hope we get to see LOTS of pictures!

yay status says delivered!!! Hope you love your new baby new mommy!!!

I got my rooting needles today!! Yay, now I can finish.

i’m so happy i got my swap baby. i have decided to try very hard to wait to open and swap baby for christmas. thank you withlovenursey.

So happy for you, Jamie!

Oh your so welcome:) glad the baby is there safe and sound

This is so exciting I hope I can maybe be good enough to do the baby swap next year. I see all the babies that are being done and I worry I will never be half as good.

Thanks Karen.

How exciting!! I want to wait for Christmas, too, if I can hold out.