Shiny matte varnish

After painting my reborn I applied Matte Varnish. It looks shiny. What else should I do?

Matte varnish often isn’t really matte. Mixing it with a small amount of cornstarch helps a lot.
This recipe by @anjsmiles works very well.

20 drops distilled water
1/4 teaspoon cornstarch
1 level disposable plastic spoon of soft touch varnish
Dissolve cornstarch in water, then add soft touch
Apply small amounts to small areas at a time with a soft brush, then pounce or blot with a cosmetic sponge.

It says soft touch varnish because that’s what she used for this recipe but it works with other kinds of matte varnishes, too.

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If you are using an air dry varnish make sure you mix it VERY WELL and follow Jeanhai’s recipe above to make it even MORE matte. Make sure you don’t apply it too thick.

I am using Genesis matte varnish. It doesnt say Soft Touch. I suggest Bountiful Baby add the cornstarch, if that is what is needed.

Soft Touch varnish is made by DecoArt/Americana. I use it because I use air dry paints and it leaves a very soft finish without a lot of texture, which I don’t like. It can be used over Genesis.

Adding cornstarch to ghsp would not work. (I assume anyways)

Mine goes shiny if I baked hotter or longer. Normally I mix my matte and satin with a tiny bit of ghsp to tint it then pounce it on with a sponge. Bake, cool, flip, bake, cool. Etc until my varnish is all the way cured.

But in the end I also add a layer of the soft touch with a tiny bit of cornstarch. The results are soft and matte.

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Thanks for your help. I bake at 265 for 8 mins in my Nuwave. I searched Bountiful Baby for soft touch and got the polyester. I searched Amazon for soft touch and got callous remover. lol What is soft touch and where do you buy it?

It’s made by DecoArt and called Americana Soft Touch Varnish. I buy it online but I have bought it at Michael’s. You have to stir it really well before applying. DecoArt DuraClear Ultra Matte varnish works well, too. I buy it online also. You have to shake it well before using.

This is the one I buy and where I normally buy from… but it looks like they are discontinuing it? :frowning:
I also want to add to make sure you stir it well. It separates a little in the container and if you add cornstarch it then needs mixed super super well.