Shiny Completed Baby


Hi All!

I’m new here, but not to reborns. I have been collecting for about 6 years. So currently I have a little Sunshine by Marita Winters who I’ve had for about 5 years. She is a teeny bit shiny. I don’t recall her getting shiny over the years. It has been something I’ve always noticed but it never really bothered me. Her vinyl feels very, very smooth, so I don’t think she has a matte coating. My question is how do reborns get shiny, and will she continue to get shinier?


Some do, some don’t. I have 2 dolls from the Kyra kit, one was quickly snatched by my daughter, and when her daughter was born she started to play with her as soon as she could get a grip on her.

When I lost the 1st one to my daughter, I immediately made another, and she has been sitting in my display case ever since, some 7 (?) years. The one that is loved by my granddaughter is pretty OK, the other I had to just recently coat with air dry matte varnish - this is the photo before any remedial treatment.


I’ve read that dressing a doll over time can sometimes cause it to become shiny. Also, if the vinyl is touched a lot, this can also make it become shiny. For other kits that become shiny that haven’t been matted, my theory is the oils inside the vinyl move to the surface over time.


I always thought shines was caused my using too much odourless solvent/thinner in your paint? But over handing does make sense too.


No, there is never too much odorless thinners. There might be too much of the Genesis thinner, which they say in the instructions, should make only 40% or less of the mix.