Shiny baby

Can anyone out there tell me how to fix the shine on a baby?

I can’t believe you haven’t gotten a reply in over a month. Is it a completed baby? I dusted a little corn starch on my hand and patted in on my Julianne that I have had for over two years. It’s temporary, but it helps.

If you’re are talking about an unfinished doll you should click on [Search] above and type in shiny and matte and the click on Search for all terms. That should bring up an answer.

If you don’t find what you need start a new search and type shine, shiny and shiney and **don’**t click on Search for all terms and you may find more information that you want to know. You may need a pot of tea or coffee for that one.

Thanks for the reply.
No I havent finished that baby. I desided to put her aside for a while. I was getting alittle frustrated. So I started with a new baby, one that I didn’t have to strip. Bad thing is I have several like that. Oh well, I’ll get to them sooner or later.