Shiny Baby Already Rooted Help


I have a little baby I bought a few years ago. He has always been a bit shiny. Not horribly but in certain light the shine on his face really bugs me. He has rooted mohair from Slumberland. I’d like to add a mix of satin and matte varnish to him but I worry about the hair. I know many people bake mohair but my question is do I wet the hair and put a wet cap over it or will this (as some have said) prevent the sealer from curing properly. Thank you guys!


Interested in the answer to this


I would just get an air dry Matte Varnish and use it.I believe I have heard that it can be put on over heat set.


I would do Soft touch varnish with a little corn starch. It air dries.

Or maybe the new varnish from Reborn FX?


Yep. Me too.


This is what I have been using lately. Very pleased with how well it works to cut the shine.


Who sells the soft touch varnish?


This is what I use. I mix it up with a q-tip first, then put it in an empty paint jar. Then add a little cornstarch and mix ti all up. I then use the q-tip to apply it thinly to my sponge, then pounce it on everywhere (other than lips and nails)
When I do GHSP I sometimes varnish with matte/satin mix first then use the soft touch on top of that.

I bought one that said ultra matte as well… but it wasn’t more matte. lol


Thank you,I need to get some.


Do you put the cornstarch in dry or mixed with water?
My last baby I mixed the soft touch with my Liquitex Matte Gel but its not as soft as Id like it to be. I went ahead and ordered the baby FX matting powder but I want to seal a baby today or tomorrow so would rather use the cornstarch mixed in the Soft Touch and a bit of Golden Satin Glazing Liquid.


I think the roughness depends more on your sponge you pounce it with. It creates texture.


Thank you :slight_smile: …I did buy some new sponges but they are mainly to create the look of pores so it may be more texturised. I think maybe last time, I might have used too much of the matte gel because it tends to be a bit grainy. The baby was still soft though but not as soft as using the soft touch by itself.