She's not a baby, BUT

Had to share my newest arrival with all of you ~ her name is Pamela and she’s a Masterpiece Doll by Monika Levenig, 39" tall and cute as a button! I love shopping for big kids, so she’ll be fun to redress!

She was supposed to be under our Christmas tree, but ummm…Santa wanted me to go ahead and open that big box a little early, so who am I to argue with SANTA???

She is just plain precious! I can see why you couldn’t wait till Christmas.

Aww!~ She is so pretty! what a happy smile!

Karen, how many babies do you have in your personal collection?

Thanks everyone! So happy that you like her.

Pia, do you mean babies that I’ve made? I just have one…Tibby.

If you mean my entire collection, somewhere around 200. YIKES…yep…been collecting dolls all my life, AND even down-sized last summer before our big move to Florida. I LOVE Himstedts and MP dolls, but the problem is they are BIG…especially some of these MP dolls now; I have one that is 45" tall. Can’t have too many of those, that’s for sure. I don’t have my entire collection on display YET…a lot are still in boxes since the move.

I would LOVE to have a doll room one day. Just waiting for one or both of my boys to move out. They already know that once out, there is no coming back. That is, of course, unless they want to sleep in a frilly pink room with lace curtains and dolls everywhere.

I did mean your entire collection…200 WOW!!!

WOW is right…way too many!