She's just "ok"

What does she need? She’s a little shiny, so i will fix that, but what else?


Maybe some blue undertones around her eyes, nose and mouth? They should be light because they’ll be on the top and not really undertones. Overall she’s pretty cute, though.

I think she’s cute :slight_smile: get rid of her shininess and she’s done

Thank you. I guess I’m just not a fan of this kit. She looks “dolly” to me.

She does a little bit, but maybe reducing the shine will fix that.

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If she would be mine I would trim her eyelashes a little bit.

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I was thinking about doing that. Thank you for validating. :blush:

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I think cutting the shine will make a big difference.

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I agree about trimming the eyelashes, for me they are too long.

still a little shiny. Darn. Some are just problem children. Lol



I think she looks good. Real skin does have a slight sheen to it.

Thank you all for taking the time to respond. The comments and advise are truly invaluable to a new reborner like me.