She came and she's beautiful!

My Summer Rain arrived yesterday and she is amazingly detailed and beautiful. She looks just like my son looked when he was born. I am in love with her and I have not even begun to reborn her. Even the sculpt is pretty. If you are thinking of getting one, don’t hesitate. She is as nice as sculpts I have paid twice as much for.


YAY! So excited to see your version of Summer Rain! :heart:

I wish I could start on her right away, Karen, but I have a doll or two ahead of her. They are for sale dolls. I need to generate a little income so I can get Owen too! Summer Rain will be living with me and so will my Cassia so they have to wait until the “bread and butter” babies are done.


I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do with her, Helen x

Helen, are you going to wait till after the Advanced Rooting Class in July before you root your Summer Rain?


I might take her head with me. (Or not. :smirk: ) I may want to finish her before then.
Other than that, I’m a confident rooter so I’d go ahead before the class. It’s just that I love the way Jacqueline roots and would love to be that good…thus the class. My rooting is…okay. I wish it was better. I do a lot of combi and Prisma for shorter hair. The longer haired ones I root.


So happy you will keep Cassia this time. I know we all have spent our dolly dollars on sale sculpts and stocking up on supplies.Now hopefully we will sell some of our wee ones and generate more so we can spend it all again. Ha Ha addiction!


I’m out of town till tomorrow. My granddaughter is house sitting. She said my package arrived yesterday so my Summer Rain is waiting for me. Can’t wait to see her when I get home. I’m excited that you love her. I always worry that the the kit will look so different from the finished baby.


I always scroll to the kit pictures first then go look how others have done it. lol

I also told my kids “Pick one that you like the look of the vinyl, not the finished product of someones work” lol


According to the tracking my Summer Rain should be arriving on Tuesday. I’m so excited about this baby and hope I can do her kit justice. She’s definitely a keeper!! :baby: :sparkling_heart:

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Mine will be here tomorrow also! Really excited now since she is getting great marks!

I just got mine, and love her too! I hope everyone posts their work! Please share yours! :heart:

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Picked up my Summer Rain (2) today at the postal annex, they have been there since Saturday but I couldn’t get there then so I got them today and they are soooo cute. I hope I can do them justice. Won’t be starting them for a while though.

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Mine was delivered on Friday! I may do her bi-racial? Gorgeous kit!


“Bread and butter” babies…I like that! :laughing:

I’m glad you love your Summer. I’m not much for realborns and I even like her as well as Owen!! They’re both really sweet. Can’t wait to see what you do with Summer!

That would be interesting. I don’t see her as bi-racial at all, but it would be fun to see your vision come to life so I could. Your babies are always so beautiful and I would love to see you do this.