Sharing some reference photos of hairline


I hear you about the bigger babies! My mom had all bigger ones I was the smallest at 11lbs. All I can say is ouch.


Mine too! Except the last one. Shes was only 6 lbs.i didn’t know how to hold her so i carried her on a pillow lol


So funny. My heaviest was 6 lbs, 2 or 3 ounces. lol and only 18 inches long
The other 4 were smaller


Congratulations on your beautiful girl. Thanks for sharing the pictures


She looks like an Eliza Marx kit in this photo!
I keep taking photos and then having fun seeing which kit she looks like! And she is a hairy little girl! So cute! Just like my son Logan had hair all down his forehead like her. My other 3 were not hairy like that lol


I still can’t get over all that hair she has! She is absolutely beautiful Katie. You are so blessed.


She gets prettier every time I see a new picture. Absolute beauty !


She’s beautiful. I have not yet accomplished facial hair…but I want to badly. You’ve made me decide to keep trying. BTW, my own firstborn daughter had hair growing on her ears. It was cute.


Awww!! ThAnk you!!


She’s remarkable Katie!! Truly a stunning little angel. They need to make a realborn from her. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: