Sharing some reference photos of hairline


Just wanted to share some nice hairline photos of Ivy. Ivy is my real baby my daughter.
Also I just love sharing her photos!
I will try to copy this on my Ashely Asleep I think.


Oh my goodness I can’t get over your baby. It’s as if her whole conception was anot advanced reborning process.
God’sees best creation right there.


Thank you . Saved The photos .

Any chance we can have her as a realborn kit ?


Gosh she’s beautiful!
Keep taking pictures, she’ll grow up way too soon!


Thank you so much!! She is beautiful!!


Thank you that would be AMAZING! I have already been so blessed to have Donna Rubert sculpt one of my daughters I am so blessed for that :heart:


Your work is lovely. So real looking.


Thanks so much for sharing!


Katie, she’s beautiful. Keep sharing photos. We love them. How about lips, fingers, toes…? I could keep going! Lol


A BABY!!! :heart: oh my overies!!!


So sweet! Gorgeous head of hair! I’m loving her full eyebrows! Any chance of getting a pic of them straight forward. I’ve been looking for an example for my next baby brows.


Ivy is absolutely GORGEOUS, Katie :heart: as are ALL of your babies, both real and reborn!

I would love a reborn kit of Ivy and Violet, too ~ we have Willow, but it would be great to have her sisters as well :slight_smile:


She is absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you for the photos. I need to work on my hairlines for painting and rooting.


This is her REAL baby :slight_smile: I think she is right around 10 days old now. Her name is Ivy


Your little Ivy is darling! Thank you for sharing! I :heart:️:heart:️Love seeing these images. I have always been a temple side hair painter, and some used to question my reference photos I used…I have had people tell me babies have no hair on the temples or foreheads, but some DEFINITELY do have it well defined, and I think it’s so beautiful. So thank you for showing her glorious crown of hair , your baby is dreamy…you should post more pics of this baby for us to drool over.


She is truly breath-taking Miss Katie!! Such a gorgeous little angel!:two_hearts::heart_eyes::heart:


This is her Real daughter! Amazing, isn’t she?? :heart:


Thank you all so so much for all of your kind words


Such long eyelashes!! Lucky girl!!


She’s so beautifully perfect. I can’t believe the variation in newborns though. Mine were born with none of that hairline hair at all. My nephew, Stewart was born with so much hair that he looked like a little monkey. He had hair on his whole body. Of course it fell off right away and he turned into a stunningly handsome boy. I think the fuzzy hair like your daughter’s is so sweet and cute. It makes her look so newborn. My babies were all born three months old, LOL. They never even fit in newborn clothes. All were over ten pounds and started in 0-3 mo clothing. I think that’s why I seldom make a preemie baby. They all look too small to me.