Sharing some happy and exciting news!


Soooooo since you ladies are part of my family i wanted to share with you my happy news!! My boyfriend proposed to me last night!! :smiley: :heart::heart: i am beyond happy that i finally found the person im meant to spend the rest of my life with!!


Oh my gosh! Yay!! Love is in the air in our reborn community! @colee1970 is getting married to! Congratulations!!


Congratulations! I wish you a long life filled with good health and happiness!


Congratulations!! Wishing you both a happy life together. Have you set a date yet??


I’m so happy for you. Soulmates are worth waiting for.


Congrats, may your life be always blessed.


Wow! Congratulations!


Congratulations!!! :heart_eyes:




That’s amazing! Congratulations!




I’m so happy for you both! Congratulations!


Yayyyyy! CONGRATULATIONS! Lucky guy :wink:


Congrats!! Best wishes for a wonderful life ahead.


We were thinkin May 1st but its not set in stine yet :smiley: we are just planning on something simple like me, him, my 3 kids and his 8 yr old boy.


Yes i most definitely agree…i have a connection with him that i have never had with anyone else… I know in my heart that he is my soul mate!!




Thank you soooo very much ladies!! Much love to you all!! :heart::heart:


Oh my gosh!! Congratulations!! I am so happy for you!!!


Congrats :smile: