Sharing my Precious Gift Newborn Boy


Here’s my precious Gift little boy!
I hope you like him!
Been snowed in so I’ve been busy but unfortunately I ran out of Mohair.


So sweet, I’d just want to give him a cuddle!


Thank you :heart:️:heart:️


PRECIOUS GIFT!!! :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:


Awwwww he really is precious!! Great job on him!!


Thank you!! He seems so cuddly!!


Hes very cute!!
I just finished painting my first Precious Gift, as well. I have so many babies that need hair right now LOL


He turned out so SWEET!


What a darling !!


Beautiful … I hate it when i run out of something in the middle of a baby.


Beautiful baby. You sure can get these done quickly.