Sharing a secret

Now that I have placed a big order, I want to share a sale. has quite a sale in baby clothes 2 to 4 dollar each. 24 outfits for 50 dollars.


My hubby would shoot me if I bought more baby clothes.


I have enough to open a small boutique. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I got lots of one piece boy and girl. I picked many with higher necks so the body doesn’t show.,I also purchased hooded jacket and pants outfits and some sleepers. Did you put search lowest first. There is about 7 pages.

There is so much stuff for 1.69.

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My wallet just signed a restraining order against me.


Apparently this is only for in store pick-up and can’t be mail ordered from my location.

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I have a few delivered to the store, but most is delivered to my home. Oh well, I hope it helps someone.

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I would buy some things but everything I tried to put in my cart said either shipping not available or in-store pickup not available. It’s very frustrating. I particularly wanted the long christening dress and bonnet for $1.69.

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LOL LOL LOL…that’s too funny

Same for me. So how in the hell do they expect you to buy anything if they can’t ship it to you or you cant pick it up in the store? I’m declaring Shenanigans on Sears :rage:

I went back on the sears sight and opened a live chat to ask about the no shipping no store pick up. The rep researched several items for me and said they all came back as out of stock and that’s why the options are not available. He said that if people are shopping online the server counts anything in a shopping cart as not available even if they are not purchased yet, until the shopping cart empties then the item will show back in stock.

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Thanks for the info, Tiffiny! @DancesWithDolls

Yes, I did too once I saw it!!! Ugh :rage: