Sewing pattern for bodiea

Does anyone know where I can purchase patterns for the bodies that will be sent in a pdf instead of waiting for snail mail? I tried Chelle’s but I have not heard anything back. TIA for your help! : )


I wrote to Chelies about patterns too. I never heard back either. I wonder what’s going on. Anybody know?

Hmmm… I haven’t heard anything.

Ditto for me. I’ve emailed twice and haven’t heard anything back. …and boy do I desperately need those patterns :anguished:

I wanted to make one for an alternative fur-baby I’m trying to make. Should we write her again do you think? Maybe she’s away for awhile and will eventually get back to us?

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There’s a phone number under contacts.

I hope everything is ok. I’ve read such great things about her patterns. Does anyone know of any alternatives?

I’ve searched high and low for other alternatives, and found these two, but haven’t ordered either…I’m still holding out on Chelle :

There were some on etsy and ebay also when I did a search.

Did anyone try calling the phone number?

Here’s another place I found online

I can’t wait to see your fur baby!

You might have to wait “till the cows come home”. It’s pretty experimental and my experiments mostly end up in the trash bin. This one requires a lot of sculpting. I wouild love to be able to show you all some day though.

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That would be cool. You can always test it on me before you throw it out :wink: I just recently bought myself some doll sculpt stuff and I’ve been to nervous to even take it out of the package lol.

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I look at mine a lot. Sometimes I run some through the pasta machine. But I know if I start sculpting the whole day will fly away. And the worst part of it is that at the end of that lost day, I probably won’t have anything I want to keep around and look at.

I just wanted to let you know I reached her thru facebook! : )