Sewing machine suggestions


I’m searching for a sewing machine for my daughter. She sews a lot by hand right now and has expressed interest in doing bigger projects. Are there any particular ones you’d suggest. I need to start shopping around early since it will be a gift. Thanks😊


Bernina, the models from 1983-84 are all metal parts. When I was 9 my parents gave me my first machine for Christmas, it was a Singer, with completely metal parts. It never failed to work for me. Now-a-days, though, people just pick up a machine from Walmart and create some awesome items. :heavy_heart_exclamation:
You could see what your local sewing/vacuum repair shop has, if any, for sale. Best of luck! It was one of the best presents I ever received!!
Oh- Brother is a decent brand. I own a Brother, also.


I got a brother for Christmas one year and it works great for me. I think it was like 100.00 one on sale. It has mostly just been sitting around since i like to make reborn’s better than sewing.


Thank you. I’ve been eyeing the sales at Joann’s, but I’ve looked other places too and was just completely overwhelmed. I didn’t want anything that will fall apart. She’s 13 but very responsible with her stuff.


brother project runway limited edition ce-5000prw


Janome is a great brand, really sturdy. It was my 1st machine 20 years ago and still work like new. Stay away of machine with a lot and lot af features.


Thank you everyone these are some great suggestions😊


I highly suggest brother, they seem to be very user friendly and easy to start up and use!


Get something simple and easy to use. Singer, Brother and Janome are all good brands. She’ll need straight stitches and zig zag stitches and one that makes buttonholes automatically is a big bonus and well worth having. Talk to someone at the JoAnn’s store who knows sewing and see if they can talk you through some of the features. Our JoAnn’s used to have basic sewing classes too where you could bring your new machine and learn to use it. That would be a really good way to get her off to a good start! Be sure and get a case too so she can carry it and to keep it in good shape.


I have a Singer (it’s 20+ years old). It still works. I bought a new Janome last year for my quilting.!


I have a Sears Kenmore that I got new in exchange for painting a friend’s kitchen in 1973. It’s very solid, came with a case, and has only needed servicing once. It does straight, zigzag, buttonholes and hems. I wouldn’t trade it for the flimsier newer ones.


Thank you, at least I’ll know what we requirements I will need from the machine. The main thin she has mentioned is buttonholes, that I remembered lol. I made her research some too, but she’s all mama, but I like them all lol. I do plan on signing her up at Joann’s I noticed that they have a really good price on beginner classes. Totally glad everyone mentioned case, bc I assumed they all came with them.


I personally love Brother. They are good in price, and are great machines! In buying for my grand daughter, I purchased a Brother with a good many decorative stitches, etc. The price was not bad. Hope you can find just the thing to fit your needs! :slight_smile:


I brought a sewing machine on Black Friday 2years ago. It’s still in the box.


For a little girl I would go with brother. They are nice enough. For a serious sewer i would go to a sewing machine store and test them out. The top brands seem to be Bernina, Pfaff and Babylock. I have a husqavarna Viking but they have gone downhill since. Newer machine have plastic parts and don’t last. Vintage machines are the best and you can get them on FB marketplace or thrift stores.


I just ordered a singer for 59$ it was advertised on fb


If you can find the kind of machine that has the type buttonhole maker that lets you just insert the right size button into an attachment so it knows how big to make the buttonhole, or one that can be programed to make the size you need without having to figure it out yourself, it’s worth every penny. Most say they can make buttonholes, but there some are much more automatic than others and for some that only means it has a zig zag stitch. It’s an important part of sewing and every little bit of help to make a set that match will be greatly appreciated!


I’m over here with a notepad😜


I had a (borrowed) button hole attachment set for awhile. You picked the right one for the button size you wanted, attached it like a zipper foot, adjusted the stitch size and stepped on the pedal. The button holer guided it so you didn’t even have to try to keep it straight. Best invention since sliced bread. I wish I could find a set for my machine.


Costco has one in store. I trust them to pick the good stuff. They always pick great quality brands.