Setting genisis paints with eyes in

I have an old doll I want to reborn, she has open and close eyes and they cannot come out of the doll. Can I cure the paint with the eyes in. I have some other dolls with eyes that are really hard to get them out

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I assume the eyes are acrylic. If so, you can. Do not set the temp past 265. I have set heads with the eyes n one eye, the back if it melted some. ( it closed or folded in some. I think I did 275 tho.

I wouldn’t risk it. The open/close mechanism might not do well in the oven. The doll itself might not be safe to bake if it’s very old. I’d use air dry paints for this one.


Thank you. What about heat setting the paint with bountiful baby eyes

Those type of eyes tend to have synthetic eyelashes. I’d be afraid of melting those.
Perhaps try air dry paint, just to be safe.

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