Service dog Negan update


I think he is off to a good start, lol!


What an amazing beauty! He looks so very soft! :heart_eyes:


Negan is very soft. Every time I give him a bath and blow dry him I have to snuggle his ears. Soooo soft. He usually tries to pull my hair when I do it. Lol


He still needs to grow a bit to catch up to Daddy! Love his eyes!!


Yep! He won’t be finished growing until 3 years old. Looong way to go


5 months and 2 weeks old.


Such a pretty floof! How’s the training going?


Slow. He is very smart. But very stubborn. Haha


Quick update and picture. Negan is doing well. And he has adopted a kitten. Last week someone threw this cat out their car window on my street. And for some reason Negan fell in love with him. He’s always snuggling him. Cleaning him and loving on him. Its adorable. His name is now Garfield and he goes in for shots and neutering next week.


7 months old


Getting so big!!!


So pretty!


Beautiful Giant Puppy!