Service dog Negan update


Sorry I should have recognized him the family I nannied for had one he was a great dog. I xant have any that she because of my asthma and blood clots in my lungs but they are gorgeous and u will need a service dog one day but not for those reasons. Sheepadoodle are sheepdogs and standard poodles so they are large to. Sheepdogs actually are great work dogs and I’m told hunting and our son will not let him in the room with his bird lol… Our Vegetta stands up to my waist and I’m 5/8 he only weighs 80lbs though he got the poodle weight but I’m good with that . I dont know what it is about certain breeds and illnesses but he and the doberman we use to have no I’m sick and are so protective even when family gets close they have to be closer and some days he jumps on my bed and pretends to crawls over so he can at least get all of his front legs on my lap so he can make sure no one hurts mama. Sometimes big dogs are great like now I’m lone and ge scares people even though he’s gentle , I would not want to see what he would do if someone broke in and I was being hurt . Look forward to seeing your guys grow. They grow fast Vegetta was 3bs when he can’t home the of his nose now lol…! We have
Open loft you can see over to the living room and front door. I lay in my room and he sits at the top of the loft ready for anyone lol…


19 weeks


Thank you @taylorsgirl he is growing well and a beauty!


Such a handsome boy! :heart_eyes:


He’s beautiful! He’s growing up & getting big so fast! There’s a newfoundland dog in my building that I wish my dog didn’t hate cause I want to pet him lol


He’s sooooooo AWESOME!



What a handsome fellow!


Negan and my hubby.


He is growing!!! So cute- the dog too! LOL


Haha. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


20 weeks


You looks like an awkward teenager with the fur on his head !!


Lol. He is. He looks like a poodle to me. Haha


So cute, I love him!


5 months and a few days old. :heartpulse:


What a beauty!


I thought you might like to see this. This is Negans dad. Joey.


My goodness what a huge and beautiful dog!


I’m hoping my Negan takes after him. :smile::heartpulse: