Serenity Eagles pre order?

Does anyone know if Laura has shipped all the Serenity kits? I pre-ordered and paid in full but still have not received my kits. They’re already on Ebay so I know some have been shipped. The “Contact Me” button on her website doesn’t work so I can’t contact her except to go through Paypal. Thanks.

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She addressed the contact button issue on her FB account. Look there to get more info. I need to contact her, too, over another matter.

I don’t know if she has shipped them all, I got mine midweek last week, I would contact her via email and check.

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Have you received the shipping invoice? She doesn’t bill you for the shipping until the kit is ready to ship. It is a separate invoice from the pre-order transaction.

No, I never received a shipping invoice. Thanks cajuncuties for her email, I didn’t know how to get in touch with her.