Sensitive subject?

I dont know if this is a sensitive subject or not, but has anyone ever done “conjoined twins” ?

I just saw a snippet on the news about two little girls who were separated (a follow up story) and it made me think about it. I wonder if the mother would be interested in a set. And it could be made with velcro so they could be seperated and joined. Kind of a commemorative to the special way they were born.

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there were some on ebay a while back they didnt go over very well I think the woman ended up separating them.

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Some birth defects I would not touch unless someone asked me to. I don’t see a big market for cleft palette babies either… just saying.

No I wast asking if anyone was making them to just offer, I was wondering if anyone had been approached to make them, or if approached wondered how to make them.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about it.

What were you thinking Friki?

I was considering to make siamese twins reborn using a specialy designed body with two neck openings. It would have two heads, one body and one set of limbs. Never made it, though, it was just an idea I’ve discarded after giving it some thought.

That’s why I’ve discarded that idea.

I have seen kits with deformed mouths, unsymetrical (very unsymetrical) features and otherwise very noticable birth defects. They are disturbing. BUT if the reason we do this is to bring realism to a doll for the mothers to enjoy (for whatever reason, usually loss or remembrance of some sort) then why wouldn’t we do babies that are “less than PERFECT” ?

I would loooove to see some doll kits with Down Syndrome.

Just looking for conversation with more words than “cute” and “well done”

I have a plan to use Milo and Nolan as twins. One of them will be a Down’s baby…don’t know which one for sure yet. Then the doll will be given to the St. Louis Center here in Chelsea for a fund raising auction. The Center is for mentally and developmentally delayed children and adults. The men are taken care of by the Brothers of Charity and the ladies are cared for by the Our Lady of Providence Sisters. I think this baby/twins will be well received.

As to the conjoined twins…being an old PICU nurse I had the privilege of caring for two sets of them before and after their separation surgery. I think what would be really cool would be to make a set that was child friendly for the kids to play with themselves. I would make them with velcro that would attach wherever they were attached. The two sets that I personally cared for were joined at the head (one set) and the other 2 were joined at the chest and belly area. All four did well and now about 20 or so I think. Both from Central or South America.
The kids are very curious about themselves and having a doll made just like them would be a fantastic tool for them.

Joy, I think your sentiments are joyful…I personally, don’t see any problem with making “less than perfect” babies, as none of us are perfect. Your plans are loving and kind. Good for you.

Good points, Liselle. You’re right, the heart has to be in the right place.

I made a set of twins for 4 year old girls and they had birthmarks specifically where their own birthmarks were and they were thrilled to bits over them !