I just left KY and came back to WV.
I had my newer kits in KY (including a Tony), also all my unsold reborns, MY reborn (that I just recently bought), as well as a lot of doll clothes and other necessary items.
I had them packed and I thought my husband had packed them in our vehicle, but he didn’t.
The good news is, I brought all my paints and I still have quite a few kits here to work on.

My account on reborns dot com expired so I have no reason to renew it now, as I don’t have access to the reborns.

All this schlepping between places is rather annoying, but having identical supplies in both locations would be $$$$$$$!


Oh you scared me I thought you were going to say they were stolen. Well, they will be there when you go back. You have to have two of every kit so that you always have the one you want to paint on hand.:wink:

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That is sooo frustrating. Glad you hadn’t just paid! How long before you shlep back?:grin::wink:

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Probably 2 months, minimum.

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You’re in WV? Where? I live in Clarksburg. Consudered North Central WV, about 45 minutes from Morgantown, 1 hr to Charleston. I’d love to meet another reborn peep!

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Monroe County - southern WV!

Not a stoplight anywhere in this county! :smiley:

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It would be awesome if u two could meet up sometime

I met 2 other people who paint reborns in my state and met few others who collect it fun meeting people who have same interests as u

I live in WA state though

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