Selling stuff online?


What is the easiest way to sell handmade blankets online? I was thinking a Facebook page thing but how do I go about doing that? And is there any better ways? As some of you know, I make crocheted baby blankets and want to start selling them because I love making them and it be a fun way to make money. Thanks in advance everyone.


You could try accessories on There’s Etsy, but their fees just went up and now they charge a fee on shipping, also.


How do they work?


Etsy would be good but there is a lot of competition for stuff like that. Plus the fee increase thing.


On there’s a monthly fee-Bronze membership is only $4.99. You list it just like you would a doll but check ‘accessories’ instead of ‘for adoption’. The only other fees are PayPal fees.
I’ve never sold on Etsy but a lot of people do.


I posted on my FB page then shared on all the reborn pages when I was selling mohair. Sold a lot of mohair. Just used PayPal. Sent an invoice and shipped after was paid.


What kind of blankets do you make ? do you have pictures?


Pm’d you


Crochet on Etsy is hard to sell those days. The best way to began it’s with your relations : friends, family, friends and coworkers of your family, neighbourg…If you have a facebook and Instagram, advertise your work there too. is a great way too, here on the forum also.
Good luck !


We sell handmade decor for fireplaces that we produce (my wife does all hand making, I do computer work). For online selling: Etsy, Ebay, Your ecommerce site) and you will need to do good bit of offline selling such as: house party, famers market, thrifts). Facebook ads work well but done in correct way such as using attractive person with product in picture ad instead of just your product in ad.