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Does charge a commission? Or just the monthly fee to use their site. Thank you

Just the monthly fee


Thank you. Do you use them? I don’t see where the Feature baby section is they refer to when explaining the benefits of silver and gold plan. I see just born and babies for adoption. Wonder if gold is worth it.

I use them, do the cheapest plan per month, no plAn if I don’t have babies and some people use gold at Christmas time.

I love it.


PayPal will take their 3% even if you sell on Reborns if you will use PayPal as a form of payment.


Yes there will be the paypal fee but reborns. com Does not take more on a sale like ebay does. etc.

I pay $19.99 a month when I have babies to sell. When I dont the time runs out and changes to the free nursery. Then when I have a new one to list I pay the $19.99 then add the new baby so it gets time on the just born page.

The featured babies are the scrolling babies on the top of the just born page


I used to always use the Bronze package which was $4.99 per month. Then the Silver because they took away the Bronze. I just tried Gold, for 3 months, and I have noticed zero benefit to it from Silver. The site is saturated with reborns (when I first started using it in 2014 my babies would sit on the front page for a couple days - (I would sell my dolls within 4 hours of listing, sometimes). Now, my babies are booted off the front page within hours so I would not waste my money on Gold, again. JMO


Thank you so much!

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Great advice. Thank you!!

There is a free plan that you have to drive your traffic to.

I was curious about how that worked. When yours is free and you send someone to it do they see just your listing or all listings? If anyone has a free one right now would they mind sending me the link so I can see how it works compared to seeing the paid ones? Thanks


I do have a free one but have not used it yet, lol. I will send you the link so you can see it though!

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I want your link too :wink: .
I know that with free account you can see their babies on ‘Babies for Adoption’ page.
But I think to drive your ‘traffic’ to your nursery you should provide the link path to your buyers.

Here is the link to my free one. I haven’t renewed lately because I dont have any dolls ready.