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Looks like the price of reborns has dropped…I have seen them as cheap as $77. I can’t even make one including clothes, passy’s, hairbows, ect. for that price. I realy wanted to give reborning a shot. I’m a stay at home mom of 4, one has left the nest. After 60+ hours of hair rooting, I won’t just give her away. Im seeing prototypes going $600 and under! I always look at ebay listing and compare…I find myself saying “I can’t believe how cheap people sell their reborns”. My time is worth more. I think it may be time to rethink trying to become a reborn Pro. artist. Any thoughts?


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Looks like the price of reborns has dropped…I have seen them as cheap as $77. I can’t even make one including clothes, passy’s, hairbows, ect. for that price. I realy wanted to give reborning a shot. I’m a stay at home mom of 4, one has left the nest. After 60+ hours of hair rooting, I won’t just give her away. Im seeing prototypes going $600 and under! I always look at ebay listing and compare…I find myself saying “I can’t believe how cheap people sell their reborns”. My time is worth more. I think it may be time to rethink trying to become a reborn Pro. artist. Any thoughts?

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Nicole Russell (Brayden’s sculptor and reborner) just had Caleb (BB sculpt) in a hand made sweater set on her FB page for $250.00 (he sold)… She for sure should be getting WAY more than that (at least in my opinion)… I am thinking that most of us aren’t going to make a huge profit on our babies… Anyone else have suggestions???


I agree with you, I can’t put my babies on eBay for those prices, to much many hours of work and money spend for those price, if the customer don’t pay what I want I don’t reduce my price for any reason.


I agree, ebay is brutal! Don’t ask me to explain it, but at least 65% of my sales are to international customers, both new and repeat. Besides selling on ebay, I also have my own internet site and those listings are 10% less than the ebay price, as a discount for the ebay sellers fees I won’t have to pay. I kind of tongue in cheek explain it that everyone else in the world has disposable money, except for us Americans. I really don’t know how to explain it, BUT if you aren’t already making your dolls available to ship internationally, please consider it. When I first started selling internationally I had to learn to fill out the custom forms myself. Now I don’t; PayPal virtually does all the work for you. A few years ago I purchased a pretty entry level digital scale on ebay, for weighing packages and it has served me well. The actual weight between my scale and the post office differs by only 3 ounces, but regardless, I round up to the nearest pound. Printing out the postage via PayPal saves you some money, too, versus paying at the post office. I always double check the options (priority international mails and international express) on PayPal against the USPS and make sure that my package falls within the guidelines, and that the pricing is correct. I try not to leave anything open to error. Since I sell many larger dolls, I use boxes purchased from Uline, 30 x 10 x 10, and as long as the package weighs less than 70# or so, it can ship priority international rates. The post office also has free large boxes that you can pick up at the post office or order online and have them delivered for free, to your home. … tional.htmI have sold all over the world, Italy, Russia, Thailand, Japan, and Abu Dabai to just list a few places. I have been extremely satisfied with the international mail service, but customs can sometimes hold up a delivery. What is done is customs is a mystery to me, but the tracking number provided always served me well. Okay, I run a bit wordy, but I really encourage everyone, if they have not yet tried or considered the option of making your dolls available internationally, to do so.




Keeping in mind that most of my dolls are tall, the ball park is $80.00 Lately I have been including a free wood based doll stand, so that adds a big of weight, too. Not much, but it doesn’t take a lot for the shipping cost to nudge up higher.
Before you list a doll, place it and everything going with it in the shipping box you will use. Because my memory is terrible, I write everything down so I don’t have to re-do the weighing. USPS has a shipping calculator, drop down destination box has oodles of countries, so select one, and start filling out the other info. For instance, since I mostly ship large dolls, I select Large Box ~ Any Dimension Over 12" . However, if your doll will fit in the USPS Large Priority Mail box, maximum weight 20#, just chose that option. I do have one customer in Thailand who always wants her dolls shipped International Express, which is of course more costly, but she is the only one to have ever requested Express.

When listing on ebay, there is a space to add shipping/handling charges, if you so elect. I tack on $5, hidden cost figured into the shipping charges, to help pay for my boxes and bubble wrap. I always advise international bidders to contact me first so I can compare the ebay shipping calculator to the USPS. I have found that the ebay calculator is pretty much toe-to-toe with my own calculations.

PayPal will fill in the customs forms for you, and you will print out two sheets. Print on BEST and don’t try to conserve ink using DRAFT. When the doll has sold, and you have it all packed up, before you seal the box, I print out a sheet in large font, listing the TO name and address first and FROM below that. When taping, think about how far the package has to travel and how it might be mishandled; I tape so well that the box almost looks laminated.

Final step, go to your post office, postage/custom forms in hand, and the clerk will weigh and measure the box to ensure that you have the correct postage. The forms also have spaces where you will need to sign and date them. I thought it needed to be done in the presence of the clerk, but our clerks are a bit snotty and it is a very busy post office, and they liked them signed before I reached their window. PayPal only offers $100 of insurance, after that, it must be requested and paid out of pocket at the post office. Oh, if the clerk scratches her head and wonders why your postage is lower than you would have paid at the post office, it is because ebay sellers receive a Commercial rate on shipping, about 10% less by printing/paying at home, from ebay. This might sound like a lot of info, but it is really easy.
Again, I really suggest purchasing a postage scale. I think mine was abt. $35. But another option would be to have the post office weigh it for you, and then complete your listing. See why the scale is a worthwhile investment?
Here’s lead for you: … 4845c05236
Even if you think your boxes will never weigh more than 15#, go for on with a higher weight capacity. Mine weighs up to 30# and operates on a single 9V battery, that has only been changed once.

Hope I covered everything!


Thank you for taking the time to type the info…very helpful


It’s all about supply and demand. Bountiful baby sculpts are mass produced, everyone online knows BB sells them for $15-20. They have flooded the market and not as value able as the limited edition ones from other sites. BB basically have the same arms and legs just different head. Plus many reborners use the same techniques with painting, rooting, etc, SO this also decreases the value. Online shoppers will not pay more than $150 for a completed baby, unless they are new release or something new and exciting or made by a well known artist. Although I still can sell them locally for $250.

I sell on ebay the cheap $20 kits completed for $150, sometimes less for the less popular ones. My Nolan just sold for $77.99, lol. If I just want to get rid of them I sell for $75. But I can also micro root super fast, a whole head of sparse hair in half an hour and a thick head in a couple hours. I just made a video of my rooting… I can produce about 5 BB cheapo kits in a day.

How can I sell so cheap? I cut down on my costs. You can knit booties for .35 cents or buy them for $5.99, it’s your choice:
*I spend $15 for a POUND of mohair. I buy wool fiber at $10 a pound, then process and dye it on my own with $3.50 for dye and $1.50 hair conditioner, oh and some dish soap for boiling…
*I’m still using my first $25 BB starter genesis paint kit, lol. I’ve found a online store that sells 4oz genesis paints for $12.
*I buy glass beads at the hardware store. 55 pound bucket of laarge is only $40 and small fine glass bead is $25.
*My favorite part of reborning is the clothes shopping! I use coupons and skim the clearance racks for clothing. Maybe it’s my mom experience, but if I time it right and use my 30% off coupon, I can get $50 Gymboree dresses for $5-10 a piece. The Carters store also sends out coupons and has great sales.

So I figure for an average BB doll it costs… $20 kit, $6 body, $8 eyes, $1 mohair, $10 clothing, $4 stuffing and glass beads… = $49 it cost me to make. X 3 = $150


My Molly sold on ebay for $405.00. I guess I expect Ember to sell higher because she is better than Molly. Although Molly was beautiful. I take about 6 week to finish a baby. I really want to improve to the point of being a well know artist. I will keep dreaming, its a good dream.


Iansmommy, I hate to be a witch, but it’s reborning like you do and described, being the reason the price is so low on eBay and why people don’t want to pay much for them. I consider myself a very fast reborner. I make a doll in 2-3 days. But I also put a lot of detail and quality in my dolls. When I make a doll I start at 8am, and bust my butt for 16 hours each day I am working only stopping to eat and pee.

Any one who makes 3 dolls a day isn’t putting the time and effort into it, and is watering down the art form with sub quality dolls and lowering the price for everyone else. You know your dolls are sub quality work and that’s why you are willing to sell them so cheap.

I make my babies fast but put a high level of quality in them and refuse to accept dirt chep prices for my hard work.

Sorry I can do nothing but shake my head at your post, especially when you are so proud of boasting about contributing to the very reason this thread was created.


I agree Robin. I take several weeks to complete a baby in between doing daily life and taking care of the house and family. I have so much invested in the baby that it has value beyond the products that make it. Keep striving for that goal. Use better artists as inspiration…you will get there.

After reading the OPEN THREAD between us and Nevin last month I don’t think BB kits are cheepo at all. The difference in cost is in the process of making a kit into only 150/1000 kits versus an open
production that is available until it’s retired. The set up is spread over years, not a one time run…and they buy kits by the container…NOT by the box. Many of the really expensive kits are made in the very same factories used by BB. And I have seen some of their kits made and sold by some of the best artists in this craft. It took them weeks to achieve ‘real’ not hours or days. Whether I do a kit that cost me 29.99, 89.99, or 129.99 I put the same time into the creation of the baby, the pictures, the presentation, and the sale. I am very thankful that we have the opportunity to have so many new, lifelike kits available to us at a reasonable cost.

Thanks Katy for saying what I hadn’t quite figured out how to say.


I can make a complete painting job in about a day. Not in an hour, or two, but I’m at it the whole day with small pauses.

I root my dolls for quite a while, even if it’s regular rooting. Some I’ve rooted bit by bit and it took me months to finish.

Now I’m microrooting for the first time. It went slow at first, now I got the grip, but I’m still fairly slow. It takes me a lot of time to root a single hair one by one. Microrooting in a half an hour? I can’t imagine to ever do that. I’ve been at this head for 15 hours already, and I’ve covered about 1/4 of the head. And it’s not even as thick as I’d like.


There is a market for all of the dolls, the low end priced, mid range plus and the ones that make you go, “I want to be that artist!” I believe that the consumer knows the difference between high, mid and low end dolls and that the pricing can be indicative of the quality. Before I learned this art, through months of self-study and assembling guide lines, I purchased a few reborn dolls for my granddaughters from ebay. The lower end dolls might have photographed better than they were, but I was also not going to invest in an untouchable dolls for my chicklets. My granddaughters were all gifted with at least one doll and periodically I check to see what doll needs some TLC. I gasped when I saw one and asked them to not take it in public and proclaim, “My grammie made it”. My stomach sank, it looked worse than I would ever have imagined. Know what? It wasn’t one of my dolls, but another who professed to following all the meticulous steps in reborning, to finally protecting the finished piece. “You can fool some of the people some of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” (Honest Abe Lincoln)

One last note, one of my FUN activities is owning and riding my own 750cc motorcycle. There is one biker bar that boasts “Free meat on Sunday; you grill”. Really, does anyone think that many rub their hands together in anticipation of the “free meat”? Almost any butchered animal can be called “meat”… squirrel, possum, roadkill… Sometimes it really comes down to “Buyer Beware”. Not unlike purchasing a $5 garment and being surprised when it falls apart after a washing. Yup, “buyer beware”.