Selling my reborn


Hi everyone, realistically, I know what I need to do but at the same time, I’m a sentimental person and I have a hard time letting go of things.

I am getting married next week and my grandmother has footed the majority of the bill. Not only that but she was scammed out of $11,000 when she needed repairs to house because of Hurricane Harvey. Financially, she keeps getting hit and this is all unfortunately happening at the same time, she pretty much has no money left. I am a full time college student, graduating in two months and I work part time. I have two reborn dolls in my own collection and I am thinking of selling my least favorite one to help my grandmother with finances if I can.

I have not touched my reborns in over a year and they just sit in storage. I know I should sell her but I’ll miss her.

I suppose I don’t really have a question but I know I should at least try to help.


The sale of a single reborn will barely make a dent in your grandmother’s financial difficulties. Do you have a picture?


Yes, but she needs $200 from me and I don’t have that



She’s cute. What kit is that?


Thanks! She’s the Mathilda kit painted by Jody Slater


She’s beautiful. I may be I terested. Could you send me more info and pictures? If you do wanna sell her.


Very nice and looks well painted from what I can see.Should be able to get more than the $200 needed for her.


She is beautiful. I’m sorry you have to sell her.


Is that your photo?


I’m not buying this.


What do you mean?




Thank you, she really is so sweet, I just can’t decide what to do with her. I am thinking I should see what I can do on my own and sell her as my last resort.


Since you love her so much that’s probably a good idea. I’d really hate to part with any of my keepers.


why don’t you put her on ebay and maybe you can get higher bids than what you are asking here. good luck.


I agree, try ebay. You’d get a lot more potential buyers there.


Thanks. I actually wasn’t even selling her here, more like just looking for encouragement to sell her. The extra push if you will. I only posted a photo because someone asked to see her but after looking at her I may try to sell a reborn I painted before parting with her <3


Nice color, I like the warmth. I wouldn’t sell her.


That’s a beautiful baby and Jody’s babies are worth more than $200. She usually sells higher than that. I know it is a resell but still she is worth more. That is a very nice kit as I have reborn it before and I know.