Selling my blank silicone baby - SOLD


Hi y’all, I am considering selling my blank silicone baby and am just trying to gauge interest. She is a beautiful baby that I had intended to make as a keeper, but money is a bit tight right now, so I am offering her for sale.
PM me if you are interested in purchasing her.

She is Charlotte by Emily Jameson. I paid $1850 for her but will take much less. She comes with her COA and her eyes are already inserted. Here are the particulars about her.

Sculpted by Emily Jameson, molded & poured by Angela Lewis
EcoFlex 20 platinum silicone
Full sculpted silicone body with a fixed neck (neck cannot move)
Midnight blue German glass eyes
Takes a full pacifier with a little tongue inside her mouth!
(Charlotte comes with one pacifier. If you would like to purchase
more pacifiers for her, I recommend using only preemie size pacifiers
since her mouth opening is small and newborn or bigger nipples could
risk tearing to the silicone. Also, pacifier must be made of silicone
since latex will react with the silicone
17.5" long (slightly longer if the legs were to be straightened)
12.5" head circumference
Weighs about 7lbs
Wears small newborn or preemie size clothing



She is so cute! I would snatch her up but I just had to sell one of my silicones due to being low on funds lol as well.


I totally WISH!!! Best of luck in her sale! Maybe @GrammysReborns. ?? :kiss::heart:️:grinning:


I wish! That’s next on my list, a sili baby. I hope she sells to a new mommy soon.


I wish! She’s a beautiful silicone baby.


She is beautiful, and my dream baby. Hopefully, things will improve quickly and I won’t have to part with her. :smiley:


Thats exactly what I was hoping!!! :kiss:


I’m hoping she stays with you. Crossing everything for things to improve.


Sent you PM


I’m curious where did you sell her? My Bella is beautiful she has a smile her eyes are so blue she’s drink and wet system she is totally done and I can’t sell her doe the life of me it makes no sense . I offer a payments plan to. I :cry:


Emily Jameson and Angela Lewis are reputable sculptors and sili pourers and that goes along way to selling one of these dolls. I bought my own sili blank from Angela Lewis. Who is your baby made by? Also, I would recommend you taking new pictures of your baby, in natural light, and flattering baby-ish poses. This makes a huge difference in trying to sell. The picture you posted looks kind of harsh and I think that more flattering pictures with proper lighting and poses would improve your chances of a sale.


I sold her here on the B.B. forum.


I love Angela Lewis. I’m thinking about one next year, but will try a miniature first.


I have a ton of pics of her up. And 4 of the pics I post are from the artist sale. I’m not sure why you think her pic looks harsh? But ok… she’s beautiful and I have a few other silicone pieces and the 30 and the 20 is so different. I’ve never seen viening like hers on silicone either. I realize I’m not the artist so that doesn’t help. She’s from Russia federation and I don’t know her artist :frowning: but I’m not asking what she’s worth.
Thanks for the advice, she will sell eventually. I know her eyelashes need to be rooted but I don’t do that.
Thanks again


Okay I probably missed something somewhere but does she have fake lashes now?


I never said she had rooted lashes she has rooted real hair. But the artist molded her by hand her lashes are molded in the silicone I’m assuming she did it to make them stay n a more realistic look? Because this baby has big bright eyes… but there just to big her eye lashes that is.