Selling Clothes & Supplies

Long story short I’m getting rid of all of the supplies I currently have on hand. Excuse how bland my phone makes everything look, I’m long overdue for a new one. If anyone is interested in the items below, know that I’ll do my best to keep shipping as cheap as possible. If you have questions about anything feel free to message me!

Clothing lot, Best offer + S :

Random supplies lot, *Best offer + S ( two anchor pattern diapers, a large tootbrush used for cleaning kits, one “omg” pacifier without nipple, pink floral headband, unknown-size plastic eyes, some rooting needles and a cheap wooden rooting tool, a few small magnets, a newspaper style hat, three weird baby tights that I don’t even remember buying? four unused mottling sponges, and if you’re interested a whole container of used sponges as well. ):

Paint lot, $60 + S (PanPastels, hardly used. Waterborne reborn paint, used, not sure if it still works as it should ):

I also have a few lbs worth of weighting beads that I have no idea what to do with, so please let me know if you’d like them!

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Messaged you

Do you still have the pan pastels? Would you be willing to sell them separate from the paint? I don’t use air dry but I’ve been wanting to try the pastels

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