Sellers on e-bay allowed to make offers?

I have a doll listed and have watchers, Ebay is telling me to make watchers an offer on the doll, and watchers have 48 hrs to decide to accept or not. Has anyone seen this and sent offers to watchers ? My listing is a buy in now or make an offer


I don’t sell on eBay but I don’t get why you should make them an offer. Can you leave your listing the way it is?

I’ve never sold on Ebay but I’ve gotten offers from sellers of items I was watching before. Usually it’s purses that have been listed and relisted as Buy It Now items for several months. It’s mostly something like “The seller is offering you 5% off! You have 24 hours to accept this offer and buy the item!” Generally it’s something ridiculous like $5 off of a $250 purse, but I had one seller I had bought from before cut a price in half just to get rid of the thing.

These offers don’t show publically on your listing, so it’s a way for you to try to privately entice buyers. I’m not sure if you can pick the Watchers individually or if it goes out to all of them, but if something’s been sitting a while it at least reminds them about it.


Yes, I get that often from an item I’m watching!

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Are you like me and have gotten ones from items you can’t imagine ever clicking Watch on, lol?? :rofl:

You don’t have to make them an offer. It’s just a suggestion.