Sellers advertising Bb kits as silicone vinyl

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I was browsing etsy and some people in the title of their.listing have the bb kits advertised as silicone vinyl.
Are any of the BB kits.silicone vinyl (other than some monkey kits)
Or is this just something they are saying to trick the customer.
I didn’t think bbs kits were.silicone vinyl but i dont know everything lol.
Sorry im feeling a.bit moody this.morning

Hi Lil mama-hope you are feeling better- when is your due date?? I have noticed the “silicone” thing too- -Ebay does it all the time. I think Middleton kits are silicone, but other than that- I think a sales gimmick. Maybe BB will comment on that.

Thank Kristi I am doing great!
My due date is April 30th so I am thinking her DOB will be May 4th or so lol.
Thanks for asking

Secrist has a forum post that explains a bit about the mix (vinyl and silicone). I have an Awake Emily and she is a mix. As for people showing BB kits as a mix, they just might not know. People tend to think because the vinyl is soft it must be silicone. Who knows, there might be some silicone on it for just that reason.

I will get the link. I believe it was posted by Pat Secrist.