Secrist's authentic reborn paints

Just wondering if anyone has tried Secrist authentic reborn paints that don’t need any thinner. I ordered some not realizing that these were used straight. They sound good but I’m so used to working with thinned down paint and cosmetic wedge sponges that I’m not too sure about using this new type of paint. Says the hues are so much softer than the Genesis used with thinner. Also, doesn’t look like you can use it with cosmetic wedges. Of course, I’ll test it out before putting it on a good doll but just wondering if any other reborners have tried it and how it works.


I’ve used the lip color and I really like it. You only need a very small amount on your brush & spread it out.

Thanks Chris,

I’ve used the lip color also and it is really nice. Very thin and transparent. I’m going to experiment with the blush and creases.


I have the Strawberry set and I think the crease paint is a bit to purplely though.

You do use cosmetic sponges. That’s how he teaches you to use it on their video. Just apply a small amount like you are buttering toast. Don’t saturate it as much as thinned paint. Pounce off on your paper towel once & then paint. I think they apply easily I just am not sure about their colors compared to genesis.
Hope that helped some!

Thanks for that tip Nicole! How do those who’ve used the AR paints, like them?

I still haven’t tried them yet. I ordered peaches n cream and I am getting the samples with the guide book. Thanks for the tips on their use. I still like using the regular
Genesis as the base coat. I’ve gotten much better at it than when I first starting reborning. It’s not chalky looking any longer. YEAH!!!'
That took some practice.