Secrist kit


Hello ladies,

I am about to get started on my first reborn it’s a zoe kit from secrist and in the DVD I have it says they don’t require washing, however mine has an oily residue on the insides of the head and limbs, and a little on the outside from being handled is this normal? should i try to wash this out? Thanks for your help.




I always wash my pieces in hot water and dish washing liquid.


Although Secrist kits are washed at the factory, I always wash my kits, as they can always have traces of residue on them.

Oh, and WELCOME!!!



Thank you all so much for your help. I have given my Zoe a soapy bath and I am ready to get started today I can’t wait i’m a bit nervous but I have done a lot of reading so i’m just going to jump in and give it a go.