Secrist dolls

Does anyone reborn Secrist dolls?


Hi Judy, I m Anna, it’s my first post here, but I had a good read around I m not a BB customer yet but going to be very soon (hoped to start from Libby but she’s gone () I started from ***** Teddy and quite happy with the quality of the vinyl, don’t like the limbs tho, too long and skinny for a baby

I have done several Secrist dolls, and I find that the color of the vinyl is too peachy, making it difficult, but not impossible, to create realism. Bountiful Baby peach vinyl is a more natural skin-like color to begin with.

I did a Lollipop, too, and made it with the 3/4 limbs, but I think the head is a bit too small for the body and limbs and looks out of proportion. Not fond of Secrist too much either.


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