Secret Sister question

Okay…was wondering something. When we send our December surprise (the BIG one) do we go ahead and sign our names to that package as a reveal? Is that last one to be sent anytime in the month or closer to Christmas? I have something VERY special planned for my secret sister and I’m just dying to send it to her LOL I hope, hope, hope she loves it as much as I think she will!! I don’t know if I can wait till close to Christmas to send it!!!

I am REALLY loving this secret sister thing. I LOVE spoiling my SS…and I love being spoiled! My SS is the BEST ever, and I swear she MUST be someone who I talk to frequently because she knows me to a Tee!!

HEHE…I am going to be sending my November gift out soon as I am SUPER excited to send it out…

And the Christmas Gift…Ohhhh I can’t wait!! My SS is going to FREAK!!

my ss blows she has forgotten all about me

anywho, i do like to send my ss gift out and am trying to figure out what to get her as her BIG christmas gift

Scrummy, No it is not the cozy cuddler. Why would I give her that? I won that, and will use that on one of my own babies…

She will get something special, that I pick out especially for HER. Not something I got given to me…

I should have known that someone would say something rude to me though, and how lovely…it is someone who does not even know me, and has never dealt with me. Gosh, I love the people who want to start trouble after hearing “hear-say” stuff…Way to fit in with the crowd!

I can not wait for my SS to figure out who I am because I can honestly say, without any doubt, that she will be quite happy.

I really hope the secret sister thing goes again, I would like to be part of it next time.


It’s really been lots of fun, Marlene. I, too, hope we do it again next year!

I have really enjoyed the SS thing too. I do hope we do it again next year. I am planning my November package for her and have most of December in the bag as it were. I have loved what I have gotten and I think my lady likes her stuff too. We don’t need the sisterhood of the traveling pants, we have the Secret sister hood of the traveling surprise!

Mistee…we are going to get you straghtened out hun!

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