I wan to buy an openen eyed Ashly Kit …seconds but wonder how bad are seconds??


I’ve never gotten a bad seconds kit. Sometimes I can’t even find any imperfections. Just check it very carefully, including fingers and toes. I’d say go for it.


They are not bad all all.


I buy seconds when available and never found a defect… I examine everything…once I maybe found one small tiny dot on a limb, which covers over, or the kits may be a bit mishapen due to shipping, but it popped back to normal with hot water or heat. Most kits I get from other suppliers I find the same things and pay full price. Bountiful seconds kits they only sell what is still perfectly rebornable, they wont send you a dammaged kit.


I’ve bought a lot of seconds from BB and the only problems I’ve ever found have been some flaws on the flanges. I’ve never had anything wrong with them that would make any difference once the doll was assembled. Go for it!


I will say that there are fewer to no flaws on all BB kits. My more expensive kits have noticeable flaws.


I buy them all the time and never saw anything except a smudge that can wash off.


I’ve had some light crease looking marks and a black spot on the nose- that’s just two out of a ton. Most are nothing bad at all.
Definitely would purchase the kit you want if I were you. Only time I don’t purchase seconds is when I am doing a custom order.


I’ve bought tons of seconds, and could only find very minor imperfections on 3. One had an orange mark that looked like highlighter that wouldn’t wash off, but after a few layers I couldn’t find it anymore. One had a misshapen knee that went back to normal after baking, and my toddler Emmy that I just ordered has a somewhat smushed head. I haven’t tried to reshape her head, but I’m not worried. I’m sure it will pop back into normal shape with hot water or a bake or two. As others have said, most BB seconds are better than others’ first quality kits. I’ve yet to get a non-BB kit that didn’t have worse imperfections than my BB seconds.


I had a Shyann that had fingers and toes with little wholes and I bought a Paisley that had a whole on her eyelid that went all th e way threw but I got her on special for I think $13. I work around it and it turned out fine. I had bought many more and non of them had any notasable defects. I have to say that BB have very high quality standards.


I have used seconds and they have been fine.