Seconds of some of our Newest Realborns are Available!

Good evening!

We have seconds available of Realborn® June Awake, Zuri Awake, and Jennie Awake and Asleep! You can make these scrumptious cuties yours today at a discounted price! They are featured on our homepage at:

June is the daughter of Ann, event coordinator for the ROSE International Doll Expo. She is 19 inches long and has full vinyl arms and legs. Here’s a link to her seconds item:

Zuri is the smallest of the three. She is 18 inches long and has adorable squishy cheeks. You can view her seconds item here:

Jennie is the granddaughter of Nevin and Denise Pratt. She was our first double release (both the awake and asleep were released together). You can find both of Jennie’s seconds kits here:*.

Have a wonderful day!

Bountiful Baby