Seconds of our Newest Releases! Realborn® Darren Awake and Wendy

Good Afternoon!

We have a few Seconds kits available of both Realborn® Darren Awake and Wendy.

Darren Awake is a small newborn size, about 17.5 inches long when completed. Real baby Darren is the little brother of Joseph and Emmy. You can find his seconds kit here: We only have a few seconds kits in stock, so get yours while you can!

Wendy is about 18 inches long and was sculpted by Wendy Dickison. We love Wendy’s work on her, her detail is amazing! You can find her seconds kit here:

Both of these new seconds kits are featured on our home page at:


Bountiful Baby


I went to buy Darren and he’s already gone. :slightly_frowning_face:

I went a while ago too and he was gone like within the hour. I hope they put his kits on sale soon :wink:

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They didn’t last long lol

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