Seconds Ginger and New Honest Diapers -- Available NOW!

Hi, Everyone,

Seconds Ginger, sculpted by Michelle Fagan, is available on our website now!

Also, we have two new Honest newborn diaper samplers. Both of these are featured on our website at:

Thanks Everyone,

Bountiful Baby


Thank you!


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i know im seriously debating it. but i have evelyn coming up, just placed a large honeybug order and another honest diaper order. so im negative in dolly dollars this month lol. but i need a few bodies so maybe lol


Lol weren’t you the one wanting her. I almost ordered her, had her in the cart and decided against it. Maybe later

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Thank you!! Got 2 of her!!!

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It wasn’t you, sorry it was @Sydster

Ughhhh Neeeeeeddd

hehe i was wanting her too, but just out of dolly funds lol

I know what you mean. I really need to sell my babies. I don’t normally keep them, but these last few are just so darn cute.

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Oh man! I was waiting for that.:sob:

I need to get up early to check out deals.

This was yesterday… they are all out of seconds of Ginger today. :frowning:

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