Second Caleb Finished finally!


I finished the second caleb today, even made a little hospital gown and a blanket. I will list it on ebay later this weekend after I get the photos and listing done. I made the paci the other day and had a rattle from a doll company. Hope you like her.


Don’t you just adore little Caleb? So very sweet & tiny - I love the outfit you did too. Adorable.


How adorable and the gown is precious.


Ahhhh… you are a TRIPLE threat! You are a reborn doll artist, a crafter (binkies), AND you are a seamstress!!! For myself, I can open a mean bag of M&Ms!!! Petite and Precious baby you have there!


She looks like Catherine in the last pic…
They both have headbands with bows, and the same coloring I am sure she was you inspiration!!!


Thought I would post a quick photo of the two of them together. I should have styled their hair more but they were too busy snuggling!